I Love You (Desperately)

March 21, 2007 / June 2, 2004 / October 2, 1996: Andy and Ken Get Therapy

This week -- or rather, 125 months ago -- Ken and Andy had a therapist on the line to explore the show-related conflicts that had been simmering for the past five years. (This show followed the instructive and oft-referenced "Cheering Up Sick People" episode.)

Matters discussed included the ethics (there's a word which seems to recur) of 'sacrificing' the caller for the audience, Andy's non-status as a team player, and the very depths of the Andy/Ken relationship. Some cogent and important points were made about the tone of the show, at that point exactly five years old. Even though today there's a further ten years worth of issues yet to be professionally examined.

That was my Andrea impression. I wonder how it went.