Party in Andy and Ken's Hotel Room!

Both Superbowl teams are staying at hotels near WFMU, so come party with Ken and Andy, Peyton Manning and the rest of the Denver Broncos (unconfirmed)! That's this Wednesday, Jan 29 at 6pm at the Hyatt Regency, 2 Exchange Place in downtown Jersey City, NJ.

When you get up to the Superbowl police barricade (located conveniently next to the Exchange Place PATH station in Jersey City), just tell 'em you're with the Breckman party! That's all you need to do! And then hang out in Suite Breckman with us from 6-7pm and break WHATEVER YOU WANT because Andy's paying! Once we get the hotel room number, we'll post it here and tweet it here.

It's all on Andy's credit card, So we're limiting each guest to one TV thrown off the balcony. Also, there will be tons of fucking. It will be just like last week's Why Oh Why episode.

We're also going to be calling in some WFMU hookers from Ken's stable of hookers. And there will be a special appearance later in the party from Lucinda, Andy's neighbor's mentally challenged daughter. She's a strong girl. Lucinda is filling out the paperwork to become a WFMU hooker, and is actually on the waiting list. Ken hasn't finished the final round of interviews with her.

Other activities will include jumping from Andy's bed to Ken's bed and back again, pillow fights, looking at but not touching items in the mini bar, not taking showers, and ordering more towels. Door prizes will include miniature bottles of shampoo and hair conditioner.

There has never been a listening party where you can go listen to the show with the hosts of the show before! This is Andy's first time hearing the show. There is a bathroom, but Andy is probably going to be in there vomiting for most of the hour because he's never heard his own show before.

It's going to be a happening, baby!

Tell Andy not to worry about anything being damaged in the hotel room @AndyBreckmanMan. Tell Ken if you need to use the room privately for 10 minutes or less @WFMU or @StationMgrKen.

Is your band crappy enough for WFMU?

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world's leading questionnaire tool.

The three highest scoring bands from our results will get a link on the WFMU homepage for a week, and then the winning band of those three will get its record added to the WFMU music library.

As an extra bonus, Andy's neighbor's daughter Lucinda has agreed to sleep with the entire band. She is a strong girl.

If you've heard the crap the station normally plays, your band will surely become the most popular artists in our rotation. It's almost too easy.


If you vote for your favorite band in this contest, there's a chance that band will become famous. I know that sounds good, but often there are a lot of complications that come with that. They'll need a tax lawyer, and probably a good divorce lawyer. So think before you vote.

Every comedy team needs a straight man

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"I ate his liver with collard greens and a nice 40 of malt liquor."
"I think racism is a ridiculous idea. Of course Black and white people are equal, they even taste exactly the same"
Only under these strict conditions, would they let Phil Donahue have another talk show.
After Kurt called Tyrone's shorts gay, Tyrone only further embarrassed himself by calling Kurt's jacket gay.  It was obviously a straight jacket.
"What's it like being under the constant watch of the police?" “Well it's to be expected. I mean look at me. But at least I'm not in a straitjacket like this guy."
"Jeez, shut up already. I don't need a Hannibal lecture."
Every comedy team needs a straight man.
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