The Annual Leftover Show from November 25, 1998

Seven Second Delay: The perfect antidote for the perfect day.

Foreplay Topics
Ken hatred for the Barenaked Ladies spawns Andy's love for the Barenaked Ladies.

Will to Live-o-meter
Ken crumbles when Andy reveals that the record fair money is divvied up among the DJ's at WFMU staff meetings.

Fatal Flaw
Ken points out they should be doing a freshly baked show before Thanksgiving.

Scraping the bottom of the barrel, four minutes are devoted to ideas that were rejected over the year. Most of them go incredibly well, except for the one concept that later became a full hour show (Radio Word Search vs. Breaking News from May 4, 2005).
  • Name That Caller
  • Read Your Yearbook Messages
  • Discourage Alien Invasion
  • Fainting Stories
  • 7SD Listener's Hall of Fame
  • Beer Tasting Contest
Intermission - Dead Air Chicken. Ken wins at 32 seconds
  • Breaking News vs Barenaked Ladies
  • Message Forwarding
  • Play Your Pre-recorded Prank Phone Calls
Intermission - Dead Air Chicken II: The Quickening. Ken wins at 29 seconds
  • Sell Your Ex's Left Behind Crap
  • Karaoke
I highly recommend listening to perhaps the greatest caller of all time at
36' 00"
. As Andy would no doubt suggest, if you can find this keeper, don't let him get away. I am not being sarcastic.