What About Wegman's?

March 25, 2009: Live at The Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater
Guests - Tightwad Tod, Ron English, and Laura Cantrell.

Before the guests, but after the opening monologue jokes written by the reticent writer, Ken and Andy kick it old school by performing some classic style stunt radio.  Ken and Andy simultaneously order from nearby pizzerias for the live audience to bet on who will deliver first.  The winner? Amadeus beat Patsy's by a matter of minutes.  The loser?  Ken gave out his phone number live on the air, opening the floodgates to a slew of pornagraphic text messages.  I was unaware there were NC-17 emoticons.
The show was not only entertaining, it was educational.  We learned what Consumer Reports employees drive.  We learned how to redecorate billboard signs in the light of day.  We learned why Laura Cantrell should be the musical guest on every show, everywhere, every time.  We learned that Andy has no qualms of cracking immigration jokes to delivery guys.
Thanks again to JD for the photos. They are always good to follow along with archive listening.  For all those that could have, but did not, Seven Second Delay will be back to the UCB theater April 22.

Won't You Please, Please Soak Me...

March 18, 2009: The Wagery Pledge Beatles Game

First off, congratulations to our boys Ken and Andy for making their marathon shows the most exiting and successful in years (I don't have the exact numbers and figures; if Ken or Ange could post the stats on the comments board, thanks.)


Thanks to everyone who has pledged to WFMU in these trying times. The good Jersey folks proudly came close but are still under their goal, so continue to shake the excess green from your mattress and pledge to WFMU, (just right above this on your monitor.)

Hey, great post-marathon show!!!! No burn out whatsoever outta of K&A! Perfect post-marathon soaking game!!! Perfect title, seriously!! Better rapport between Andy and a fellow WFMU DJ!!!! (Thank you Gaylord!)

My favorite moments: Here, here, here, here, here and here -OH, HERE TOO!

Just a reminder:

Next Wednesday March 25 at the UCB Theater come see musician Laura Cantrell, pop artist Ron English and Consumer Report's Tightwad Tod.
. Admission is $5, and Andy promises you at least $5 worth of entertainment or your money back.

I leave you with another nifty little game, sort of a "Where's Waldo?" involving these youtube videos. Enjoy!


Next Wednesday March 25 at the UCB Theater come see musician Laura Cantrell, pop artist Ron English and Consumer Report's Tightwad Tod.

Admission is $5, and Andy promises you at least $5 worth of entertainment or your money back! What a deal!

John Dalton's Live Flickr Stream

Is right here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jdalton/sets/72157615044249923/

A Post from Andy Breckman

Every year Andy promise's to write the SSD blog one post, usually around his birthday. Here's this year's submission, just in time for the marathon:

Tonight from 6-7pm, I will be live on the air on WFMU (wfmu.org) with my co-host and boss, Field Marshall Ken Freedman. I always try to have fun for one hour while Ken does everything he can to ruin my good time. Still, it's the only radio station that would ever have me. I've been doing this weekly show with Ken for 18 years.

So you know something about Ken:

Ken is a sad, bitter little man and our fundraisers are a good time to humiliate him and exploit his willingness to do just about anything, including prostituting himself, to raise money for his adorable little public hippy noise radio station.

As for me, I always strive to maintain my humor and dignity, but I guess that's how Ken and I are different.

Anybody who pledges $75 or more gets a Collectible Commemorative Plate showing myself, Ken and Barack Obama. It wasn't easy getting the President to pose with us for this, so please take advantage of this offer. You can see the plate on last week's Seven Second Delay page here:


This plate is sure to rise in value. A full dinner set of plates (seven plates) can be yours for a donation of $365.

Here is how the show's fund raising works tonight from 6-7pm:

You pledge by visiting this secure link:


or by calling 800-989-9368

You can hear the show live 6-7pm EDT here:

Live MP3 Stream: http://wfmu.org/wfmu.pls

If you're a Facebook friend, make sure you mention that and I will thank you personally on the air.

For every $1000 we raise, we will spin the wheel of fate, which has 24 spots on it. Wherever the wheel lands, Ken and I have to do some horrible thing.

Here is what is on the wheel this year:

Singing American Pie At a Rock Club in Hoboken

Giving out our personal cell phone number and email addresses over the air

Letting a random Friend Take Over our Facebook Account for One Week

Drinking a shot of Chinese Ginseng Liquor (Maotai), which tastes like dirt

Go to work at the Monk Office / WFMU dressed as a Sgt Pepper era Beatle

Reenact a scene from "The Bucket List"

Get Tasered

In addition, Ken has agreed that if we raise $13,000 in an hour, he will get a horrible tattoo on his left arm. I was suggesting "McCain-Palin 2008" since Ken is such a sad old hippy. Ken really deserves this, because I got quite a working over on the show last week.

One other spot on the wheel will lower that $13,000 Tattoo Threshold by $2000.

WFMU also offers all sorts of crapola for gifts of any size, and those items can all be seen here:


So join my good friend Tony Shalhoub and make a pledge to my radio program tonight! Dont forget to mention Facebook when you pledge so I can thank you personally on the air!

The Facebook Pregame

You can also check out John Dalton's pictures from last week's show over here.

Live Blogging: WFMU Marathon Week #1

6:51PM: We gotta do this -- 1 800 989 9368. Under $1000! Gotta make it to $3000.

6:41PM: Woah - Biz looks really cool. He was found by WFMU DJ Monica who has a show on Sunday nights here.

6:39PM: FADE -- who knew? I can't WAIT to see this.

6:24PM: Answer: Dyskenesia Tardive! Thank you Anonymous caller.

6:12PM: There's a video camera here + our fav SSD photographer John Dalton (he promises to have pix up tonight!).


6:05PM: There are 15 lovely people in this room with me. Pledge to save the dead horses!

6:03PM: Andy was totally standing!! Ken is wearing a peach shirt. Is this what live blogging is all about?

Get Ready

February 25, 2009: The Shows Don't Get Proper Titles Anymore

Pre-marathon shows are very important. But I guess not quite as important as staging a 12th rate radio Mardi Gras featuring girls going wild on the honor system.

That was indeed how Andy and Ken spent their last pre-marathon pitch; self-consciously inviting female listeners to pull up their shirts and cheer in exchange for some beads they get through the mail. Instant classic. I'm not including an appropriate image since it doesn't seem very much in the spirit of this particular show. Good luck finding pictures of naked women on the internet without the Seven Second Delay blog to guide you.

The 2009 recession-time marathon is effectively on right now. Note that for early pledges of $180 more you can adopt a WFMU fixture or personality. Someone already bought Andy Breckman.

Will the next two Seven Second Delay shows manage to top 2008's FCC-unfriendly debacle? Who knows? Start calling 800 989 9368! Pledge online at Wfmu.org! Okay, I'll do it!