What About Wegman's?

March 25, 2009: Live at The Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater
Guests - Tightwad Tod, Ron English, and Laura Cantrell.

Before the guests, but after the opening monologue jokes written by the reticent writer, Ken and Andy kick it old school by performing some classic style stunt radio.  Ken and Andy simultaneously order from nearby pizzerias for the live audience to bet on who will deliver first.  The winner? Amadeus beat Patsy's by a matter of minutes.  The loser?  Ken gave out his phone number live on the air, opening the floodgates to a slew of pornagraphic text messages.  I was unaware there were NC-17 emoticons.
The show was not only entertaining, it was educational.  We learned what Consumer Reports employees drive.  We learned how to redecorate billboard signs in the light of day.  We learned why Laura Cantrell should be the musical guest on every show, everywhere, every time.  We learned that Andy has no qualms of cracking immigration jokes to delivery guys.
Thanks again to JD for the photos. They are always good to follow along with archive listening.  For all those that could have, but did not, Seven Second Delay will be back to the UCB theater April 22.