Won't You Please, Please Soak Me...

March 18, 2009: The Wagery Pledge Beatles Game

First off, congratulations to our boys Ken and Andy for making their marathon shows the most exiting and successful in years (I don't have the exact numbers and figures; if Ken or Ange could post the stats on the comments board, thanks.)


Thanks to everyone who has pledged to WFMU in these trying times. The good Jersey folks proudly came close but are still under their goal, so continue to shake the excess green from your mattress and pledge to WFMU, (just right above this on your monitor.)

Hey, great post-marathon show!!!! No burn out whatsoever outta of K&A! Perfect post-marathon soaking game!!! Perfect title, seriously!! Better rapport between Andy and a fellow WFMU DJ!!!! (Thank you Gaylord!)

My favorite moments: Here, here, here, here, here and here -OH, HERE TOO!

Just a reminder:

Next Wednesday March 25 at the UCB Theater come see musician Laura Cantrell, pop artist Ron English and Consumer Report's Tightwad Tod.
. Admission is $5, and Andy promises you at least $5 worth of entertainment or your money back.

I leave you with another nifty little game, sort of a "Where's Waldo?" involving these youtube videos. Enjoy!