History Lesson

April 1, 2009: Radio Seder (from April 15, 1995)

[Right: an image which might epitomize popular culture circa 1995. Maybe.]

Seven Second Delay April Fools shows have a long tradition. Actually, I guess the tradition is having had one notable April Fools show in the last 18 years. That would be the classic Confessions show from 1992, when Andy's friends all called in and confessed to fictional murders. This was evidently before Andy grew uncomfortable with the concept of "fake shows", which explains why subsequent April Fools episodes haven't been quite so dramatic.

This year, I assume the joke is that they didn't come in for a new show and aired a repeat. That's a pretty old joke by this point. Fortunately, the repeat in question was the often-referenced and rarely-heard Radio Seder from 1995, where Andy hid some matzoh somewhere in New Jersey and carefully directed listeners to its location. This was back in the days where they would come up with a concept like this and also be able to execute it successfully. 1995! When "foreplay" was a new and hilarious concept. Yeah, 1995 was something special.

To be fair to 2009, in 1995 Andy and Ken weren't broadcasting live from the Upright Citizens' Brigade theater, as they will be in two weeks. Get ready for that.

In other April Fools news, Irwin devoted his entire show that day to a selection of songs apparently selected at random from Andy's iPod. Maybe you don't want to listen for Jackson Browne, but definitely listen for Andy's recorded back-announcements. Irwin also wrote this up for the WFMU blog. Read that! Now! I dare you. I double-dare you. Isn't that something people said in 1995? Who remembers.