Get Ready

February 25, 2009: The Shows Don't Get Proper Titles Anymore

Pre-marathon shows are very important. But I guess not quite as important as staging a 12th rate radio Mardi Gras featuring girls going wild on the honor system.

That was indeed how Andy and Ken spent their last pre-marathon pitch; self-consciously inviting female listeners to pull up their shirts and cheer in exchange for some beads they get through the mail. Instant classic. I'm not including an appropriate image since it doesn't seem very much in the spirit of this particular show. Good luck finding pictures of naked women on the internet without the Seven Second Delay blog to guide you.

The 2009 recession-time marathon is effectively on right now. Note that for early pledges of $180 more you can adopt a WFMU fixture or personality. Someone already bought Andy Breckman.

Will the next two Seven Second Delay shows manage to top 2008's FCC-unfriendly debacle? Who knows? Start calling 800 989 9368! Pledge online at! Okay, I'll do it!