The Music's So Hot

Originally bloggity'd July 21, 2008 -

February 18, 2009: The Phrase That Pays from April 1997

Foreplay Topics: Ken's newborn daughter, Daisy. Andy's ability to induce labor. Andy's desire to have more Radio "Zoo-ality"
in their show.

Will to Live-o-meter: After calling random numbers, then random WFMU listeners, Ken decides to turns to his list of listeners who have pledged to 7sd without answering machines that are home.

Fatal Flaw: Andy offers a cash prize of $9.11. Ken suggests, "give them something people a Theremin."

Other Show Concepts Discussed: No more shows with Arnon (amusing, talented, and thus threatening to Andy).

7sd as Nostradamus: Andy laments, "This is when I wish we had a live audience." Ken sets up a monitor in-studio and requests emails from listeners for insta-feedback. When the concept fails to catch on, the show is referred to a "car-accident." A caller reassures Ken he only has seven more bad shows until he is free.

From Listener Mark:
I wonder how many people in the world would want a T-shirt that says:

Hello, I listen to WFMU,
where the music's so HOT
you might get SCALDED
if you don't wear protective CLOTHING.

I know I would. And I'm not a slogan T-shirt person.