25 Random Thoughts "Burned Right Into The Wood!!!!!!"

So, it finally happened; I made it to a WFMU function in Jersey and met the good people who I've on-n-off broadcast/cyber-related to. And what a perfect event to establish contact, Ken Freedman's 50th Birthday Celebration/ 7SD Broadcast/Roast at Maxwell's this past Wednesday. Looking back at that night. . . is not so easy for me, I gotta tell ya; Maybe it was paying double on the PATH train out of ignorance, or the long walk from the station to Maxwell's, or the special on Guinness that night, or my my intrepidation in breaking that fourth wall of social interaction, or the feeling I might sleep in my car that night- ANYWAY, in taking a cue from the bitch-demon that is Facebook, here's what I can tell you:

(note: some speculation that the non-broadcasted roast was recorded and held for possible future marathon premium. If so, WARNING: SPOILER ALERTS.)

1. As far as I can tell, most everything in this linked audio file is true:
February 11, 2009: Remote Broadcast, Birthday Party and Roast from Maxwell's

2. Ange is totally as sweet and friendly in person as you would guess from her radio cameos. That said, you were wrong Ange! I can totally hear my loud, high-pitched, subconsciously pre-med-ed self-identifying cackle on the broadcast; makes me cringe, I tell you!

3. The backroom of Maxwell's looked bigger in the Flickrpixes of last year's end-of-marathon celebration.

4. Ken accidentally slipped off stage minutes before broadcast, caught himself from falling on his ass. STILL RESILIENT IN HIS GOLDEN YEAR.

5. Andy approached me and introduced himself. And apologetically admitted to not recognizing me as longtime caller/blogger until ten minutes later. . . Ververynice, veryverycool guy.

6. I was guarding Julie Breckman's dinner (burger-n-fries) for the first ten minutes of broadcast while she logged Ken's timeline:

7. Nick the Bard . . . big, check. . . a slight shyness, check. . . lovable, CHECK!

8. Watching Scott Williams' daughter's shivering dance on the table that later served quesadillas and wings was a beautiful distraction from the proceedings.

9. Jason Grote, I often make the other party involved in a friendly toast of beer in plastic cups spill their drink unto their rolled-up shirt sleeve; my apologies.

10. Chris T. used the "where the sausage is made" metaphor on me in a way that he's said that before this week. Sausages came up later, so to speak, when Chris T. got up to roast Ken.

11. Irwin Chusid, the first of Ken's roasters, was the first to drop an f-bomb with "The Fucking Champs" who I recommend to see live (Mercury Lounge, July '07). He then relayed a conversation he had with Ken involving a recent American Icon (as in America with FIFTY STATES.)

12. Gaylord Fields walked up to the podium, dropped one riddle, and brought down the house.

13. Guess whose roast to Ken involves the "Gay Dad" b-story in the Kid In The Hall's "I-Still-Say-Underrated" Brain Candy?

14. This exchange happened:
-"I do recall, Aunt Phyllis- I mean- Why am I calling you Aunt Phyllis? It's Grandma Phyllis, isn't it? So, Gran-"

(Slight exaggeration. Very sweet lady. And thanks for the half of your burger, Phyllis.)

15. Saw Andrew Cohen but did I see Frangry??? Yeah, that was her! But wait, was it?. . . Wow, she IS hallucinagenically enigmatic!?!

16. Joe Chris Morris, you were missed there. Thanks for the mini-tour of Elmood Park.

17. When fellow Flickr pal Maria Levitsky visited our table (Ange, Phyllis, Benjamin Walker), I of course had to whip out my Canon digital and take a few snapshots:

I haven't updated my Flickr page as of late.

18. I found out that Megan Murphy was the one who slipped off my Facebook list of friends. Yeah, I remember that day. I seriously need some time off from that website.

19. Got to give a nod to Beth Landau on this list. Couldn't have been nicer.

20. Good cake. (Okay I'm running out of random thoughts.)

21. I did have the urge to come on stage to roast Ken when Andy asked for takers. So, if I may:
"Ken, I drove close to 300 miles to be here for your birthday. . . Where's my drink ticket?"

22. Yes, Andy's closing statement on Ken did knock most of us in the room with a blunt object and make us go "Huh, what happened?" Just a beautiful moment that I'd wish every 7SD loyalist a chance to witness.

23. Sorry, Ange and Phyllis, didn't mean to be stubborn; When it comes to sharing a car service, I do sacrifice personal comfort vainly for the comfort to others. (Thanks to the driver who reached across me to adjust my seat back.)

24. I promised a few people to come back marathon-time. (Ahhh, don't hold me to it. A couple people just got laid off at my job recently. Yet, the spirit always RSVP's yes)

25. Alright, all self-indulgency aside, the evening was more than worth the trip! Both shows were hilarious! Ken, great to see you go golden, thanks for making me feel at home, and I'm glad you enjoyed my gift! Andy, so cool to meet you and Beth and thanks for your kindness! Also, great to meet/see Chris T, Scott Williams, Irwin, Maria, Andrew Cohen, Nick the Bard, Jeff the Call Screener, Liz Berg, Monica, Benjamin Walker, Jason Grote, Megan Murphy, of course Grandma Phyllis and, save the best for last, my blogboss Ange.

And all the best to everyone at WFMU! See you soon.
All pix courtesy of John Dalton, except for the cake (courtesy of trontnort), and of course my "photos."