The Wave Of The Future

January 2, 2008: Andy's Gum Chewing: A Listener Referendum

Welcome -- again -- to 2008, in which WFMU will celebrate its 50th anniversary and Andy Breckman will celebrate slinking into the shadows to cruelly eliminate a transient/whore. Two very important milestones.

This week's show may well go down in Seven Second Delay history, and that in itself bespeaks a kind of sadness. The ambition of this particular episode was nothing less than to change the program irrevocably. In honor of the impending primaries, we watched the listening audience, through a hopelessly faulty voting system, threaten to destroy a Seven Second Delay institution: Andy Breckman's gum-chewing.

The show, however, did not conclusively determine the true radio poision: the offending gum-chewing or the preening Miss Manners a.k.a. listener Tim. (It's Tim, really. Oh no, I editorialized.)

Next week: something about cooking? And wives. Wives cooking.