2007 Fan of the Year

Ladies and Gentleman, it may come as little surprise to most of you that Cory Sklar was selected as the 2007 Seven Second Delay Fan of the Year.

Cory gave us at SevenSecondDelay.BlogSpot.Com a chance to sit down and ask a few questions to allow our readers to get to know the FOTY just a little better.

Tell us about your name.
Cory Sklar is my real name but I call using the name Chaki. By the way, Andy once made a crack about how he bet there's a REALLY INTERESTING STORY about it. Hmmf!
So, how did you get the name Chaki?
God told me to change my name.
Where do you call home?
Van Nuys, California. But, currently San Francisco!
Who is your favorite, Ken or Andy?
Tough choice. I relate more to Andy, but I think Ken is underrated.
Which co-host would you rather be handcuffed to at Disneyworld, Ken or Andy?
Andy totally. I could talk with him about Disney stuffs and try out my act on him.
In your opinion, what is Ken's problem?
In your opinion, what is Andy's problem?
Too pushy.
Best episode ever?
The one where Andy made an old lady cry is classic but I keep coming back to the one where Andrea attempted to do a Dateline NBC sting op.
I haven't really enjoyed the recent "kid centric" topics but I'll have to go with August 20, 2003: California Gubernatorial Debate.
On a scale of 1 to 14, and using the Scandinavian scoring system, how would you rate the 2007 episodes of 7sd?
Is there a 13 on these or is that bad luck? 13 then.
What can Ken or Andy do to make the show better?
Stop being so damn cute! Also, more hooker jokes.
If sevenseconddelay.blogspot.com could make you any happier, how could we do it?
You guys are amazing, but I would add more interviews with me.
Rock, Paper, Scissors?
Pitch a 7sd concept.
I'd so call and do a listener dating game.
So, are you still that girl's boyfriend?
No! I took wealthy listener Laurie's advice and ended the situation.

You hear that, ladies? You can look for Cory at the 7sd Facebook group. And, you can hear him here, here, and here.