Seven Second, Gotta Recipe?

January 9, 2008: Guess-cipes

In a very special episode, Ken and Andy were joined by their old ladies, Hank and Beth to play Read-Off-The-Recipe-And-Guess-A-Rama. As anyone who's anyone might have guessed, the girls spanked the boys, just like the Clinton Chick in New Hampshire.

Due to the high entertainment value, Andy requested a slot on the WFMU schedule to dedicate to this week's concept. In honor of Andy's request, we will play Guess-cipes Online. I will start with a recipe, you provide the punchlines.
  • 1 striking screenwriter
  • 1 authoritarian station manager
  • 2 better halves
  • 1 precocious daughter
  • 1 useless computer
  • no gum chewing