Special Events

Update: The marathon is mara on.

Without sounding like too much of a shill, please remember that the WFMU 2007 Marathon begins on March 5 and runs to March 18. On March 7th, Seven Second Delay will feature an as-yet undetermined stunt -- Andy might be eating a book and describing its contents to the listeners page by page. Or it might be something better. The Wheel of Fate will return for the third consecutive year on March 14th, and will be simulcast on the FMU webcam.

This year, Seven Second Delay offers as its marathon premium the Captain Tolerance Fun Pack for pledges of $120 or more. It contains the Andy Breckman-written, Tom Scharpling-directed movie Dead Air (starring Andy and Ken) on DVD, a new Seven Second Delay t-shirt and a Seven Second Delay bumper sticker.

The Marathon home page is here if you need more information. But please pledge. Now I really am a shill.

Andy and Ken recorded a short pre-Marathon message specifically for podcast subscribers here. If you're not a podcast subscriber, you could probably still listen to it if you're desperate for new Seven Second Delay like an addict desperate for the needle.

This will also be the first marathon that the Seven Second Delay blog has been around for. This has been the first real step in so many years toward building an actual community around the show, so I'm asking you now to make us proud in the coming weeks. Show us, obviously, that you love the show, love WFMU, but also show us that you support our efforts to maintain a real online presence for Seven Second Delay, and that all the readers and listeners who read or comment on this blog will come through for the station when it counts. Show us -- Emerson, Austin and especially Andrea -- that it paid off. When I say "paid off" I do mean it literally.

Oh, and also remember that Andy Breckman will be here Saturday March 3rd at 4PM. You don't have to pay anything for that.