Lie Detector Program from February 2000

"That was pathetic."
-11 year old Julie Breckman
"It was pathetic on purpose."
-44 year old Andy Breckman

Foreplay Topics
Ken's Velvet Painting collection, Ken's failure at Thunderdome, Andy's Portuguese Houseboy

Will to Live-o-meter
Andy wavers early on with no callers to start the concept. He resorts to threatening call-screener, Justina, which works surprisingly well.

A classic Ken vs. Andy battle. Host A tells a story while Host B (and 2 callers) guesses whether it is true or false.

For your consternation:

Andy's Tales:
  • Pete Seger owes him lunch.
  • Two kids were arrested copying an SNL skit he wrote.
  • George McGovern sat next to him on a cross country flight.
  • Madonna and John Oates roll their eyes at his failed joke at dinner.

Ken's Tales:
  • Jack Benny is his 6th cousin.
  • Johnny Thunders lived in his dorm.
  • He likes Hall + Oates.
  • 13 year old Ken found $168 floating underwater in Barbados.

The result. Andy comes from behind with a close victory. But the true triumph happens when Andy realizes that their lives are boring if these are the best stories they can come up with.

BONUS STORY: Ken jogs Andy's memory about the time Andy hit Rhea Perlman with a tennis ball while trying to impress her and Danny Devito. It is mentioned that Andy wrote about it on the website. Eight hypothetical points to whoever can find the article.