Day to Delay

February 28, 2007: The Reference Club

On this week's show, Ken and Andy mentioned being excited for their big NPR interview. They were talking about a story that was done this week for a show called Day to Day. We were all interviewed by the intensely witty Mike Pesca, who did the best treatment of them all so far.

You can hear the story here.

The aftermath of our national media attention has been interesting. For me, I am glad that I can refer people to this story on days when I can't think of an adjective stronger than "silly" to describe the Metropolitan Diary. The story has also resulted in some interesting e-mails that have called me everything from "like, that Borat guy" to Karl Kraus to "an inspiration for us all". Keep the feedback coming. I might, you know, write a book about this someday.

Lastly, for the sake of factual accuracy and all that is poetic, I need to tell you all that I turned 22 this week.