Talk of the Town

I thought it would be fun to do a quick, calm summary of this Metropolitan Diary tangle.

WFMU's Beware of the Blog breaks the story:
Seven Second Delay to The New York Times: Sell My Shorts

Gawker picks it up:
'Times' Metropolitan Diary Gets Punked By WFMU

Fishbowl New York joins in:
Times' "Metro Diary" Pranked By WFMU Hosts, Pulls Story From Site

Seven Second Delay
The "Making It Right" Show

Gawker chimes in again:
Metropolitan Diary Editor Steamed At WFMU

Gawker starts a rumor:
Prank Might Kill Metropolitan Diary

The National Review
NY Times Editor Falls for Spoof, Threatens Kid

The New York Times publishes a correction:
Editor's Note

WFMU's Beware of the Blog corrects the correction:
The New York Times: Not Just For Young Trendies Anymore!

The Huffington Post
Pranking the NYT: Not Really All That Clever If You Just Lie to an Editor

The Wesleyan Argus, my school paper, does a story:
Silenzi '07 draws ire of NY Times

Wesleying, a campus blog, does a story:
How to Destroy a NYT Column by Blogging

Seven Second Delay
The "We ID Music Song Snippet Part Two" Show

Gawker loves this story:
Persecuted WFMU Metropolitan Diary Pranksters Claim They've Struck Again


jwgh said...

I find it entertaining to look at the external links and find the factual errors. The Wesleyan Argus seems to have done better than the National Review or the Huffington Post.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I like watching how the story changes. The story is like a document that's been photocopied too many times and starts to distort itself.

John said...

What's the story with the NPR interview mentioned on the 2/28 show? What program was it for and when will it air? I hope it was On The Media. I can already imagine Bob Garfield asking Michael Pollak uncomfortable questions.

Raj said...

It was a brief but effective piece on today's edition of NPR's Day to Day:

Once again, bravo to Ken, Andy, Andrea, and the sons of stockbrokers forced to where pants this summer.

Raj said...

Dagnab it!
Let's try it again:

Raj said...

That should be "wear", not "where."

Wear, oh wear, was my head?

I'll shut up now.