She Wants Blogging Experience

If you'd like to play along with today's show, read the New York Times Obituaries while you listen. On this episode, you can hear Ken and Andy place divine decision making in the hands of innocent children. You can listen to Obituary Bingo here (RealAudio) or here (MP3).

In the beginning of this episode, in addition to some strange meta-foreplay, you'll hear Andy talk a bit about this blog. He flatters me, saying, "you can actually enjoy reading it". Then, he goes on to express concerns about my motives. I'm going to guess that he's not alone (though he certainly could be), and I will use tonight's gossip and scoops to gossip about myself. Basically, I'm a DJ and board member for a freeform radio station affiliated with my University, which has made me a total nerd when it comes to independent, creative programming like what WFMU is spewing every day. I think blogs are a really cool form of new media, and I like watching how our blog compliments a really great show like 7SD. I don't call myself a "blogger" because the word "blogger" is so harsh and always sounds derogatory. Try saying it to aloud yourself: "blogger". Also, you know, I love the show.

So, which is the better catch phrase, "Take it easy, but take it" or "Oh, for the love of crack"? Post your answers here, but also be sure to send Andy an e-mail using the WFMU webform.