Glutton for Punishment?

What am I doing here?

My mission: to review the entire Breckman catalogue, his oeuvre if you will. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Rat Race was great. IQ was charming. Well, that’s the recent stuff, but my job, like that of a doctor performing a prostate exam, doesn’t stop there. I have to go deeper (I have three words for you, Hot to Trot).

“What are my qualifications to do this?” you may ask.

I’m not a professional movie reviewer, but I have listened to Seven Second Delay for a few years, which makes me a professional masochist. And when the darkest hours approach over the next few months, I will know I’m doing this for the rest of you and hey at least I’m not Ken.

So, next week I’ll start with Rat Race. I feel it’s best to ease my way into this little experiment (I also need time in order to stock up on scotch to induce a blackout after watching Arthur 2). I’m not sure how long all of this will take (some of the movies have a rather limited availability), but I’m dedicated. Really, it won’t be all that bad. Andy is a talented guy and poking fun aside I’m looking forward to it.