A History of Incontinence

Just kidding.

"We need a producer. Ken, let's get a producer." -- Andy

It isn't being very controversial to label The Kurt Russell Conspiracy a "non-success." While there was the novelty of Andy backing out of a prank call for once in his life, and the potential hilarity of Ken making the call in his stead, there remained a failed concept, and a debilitating lack of preparation -- but these are things not totally anathema to Seven Second Delay. Vocabulary Battle had a weak concept that never took off but is hilarious, if only for the serendipitous, circuitous way in which Andy discovers Maria is a genius. One Hit Wonders wouldn't be such an enduring classic if its sheer audacity had been tempered by thorough preparation.

Though when you can't get the bassist from the The Left Banke on the phone, that's one thing, when you can't get anyone on the phone, that's something else. Seven Second Delay has an inelegant charm. It doesn't always work, but when it does it is triumphant. If Seven Second Delay is sleek or scripted or commercial radio -- see Radio Consultant -- it doesn't work. Andy seems to recognizes that as much as anyone, and it's Andy holding the show back from being overly produced. There are times, though, when having a list of phone numbers isn't going to wreck the show's dynamic. Sometimes you need a producer. This is what Andy realized last show, though whether it's a lasting catharsis or not, well, you can place your bets.

I'm not actually taking bets though.