7SD Minus One from January 2, 2002

"Should we pause now to ask God for forgiveness?"

Foreplay Topics
Rat Race reviews and box office talk. Andy self loathes. Ken admits petitioning listeners to beat up Andy so they would have something interesting for their show.

Will to Live-o-meter
Andy seems a wee dour from the get go, delving deep down around minute 26 when he admits, "I am flying more and more because I have less and less to live for."

Fatal Flaw
To Ken's chagrin, Andy interrupts the live caller with smatterings of patter.

Other Show Concepts Discussed
Desi Arnaz Impersonators Call In Show
Andy vs. Ken Foot Race for all the Marbles

7sd as Nostradamus
Ken goes 3 for 3 when asked, "Was that the best call yet? Did we have any women callers? Do you think we had any dead air?"

This show taped on September 5, 2001 was supposed to air on September 12, but something came up. Ken and Andy, on tape, talk to the live listeners giving advice to a college bound Josh Breckman (sound familiar?).

Andy asks: What are the odds that the caller is witty or interesting? Andy answers: 1:160. That's about right.

Our fearless hosts reveal their longhaired hippiness when they discuss the New York Jets/Baltimore Colts game.

The whole September 11th time warp thing is augmented by Ken's pre and post show announcement that "this could turn out to be the last non-rerun 7sd ever."

Personal note
My favorite incarnation of the 7sd theme song: Esquivel meets Telstar.