Sophie's Choice, Redux

Welcome to 2008, the year in which, against all odds, Seven Second Delay will turn 17. It's also the year that Bloggity blog blog will turn two. Watch as we march purposefully into the new year, imbued with new vigor and vision, to face the dawn.

For today, let's look back briefly at 2007, the year of giggling girls, fake references, selling shorts, animal crackers, apologies, favorite letters, sneezing at consulates, hands in marriage, focus groups, radio quizzes, non-existent bar mitzvahs, stamp syndicates, snappy answers, cultures of commenting and come-on-guys-let-me-stab-this-guy. The usual. Try indulging me for thirty seconds of your time and choose your three favorite shows of this year. I did this exact same thing a year ago to what I presume was incredible success.

My three, in no particular order, are Slang Contest, Hands in Marriage, and Sophie's Choice. None of these are especially high-concept, which is fine, but they're all hilarious and uniquely Seven Second Delay. And, at times, oddly moving. I've isolated what, for my money, was the single best moment of 2007. On what other show does that happen? It's almost surreal and yet weirdly satisfying. This is what makes me glad to be a long-time listener. Love this show.


jwgh said...

Hmm, tough choice! 'Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions' and 'Youth Advisor Elections' were both great. Maybe 'The No-Lulls Fight Show' for the third one, as it was kind of a return to the great old intensely stupid concepts that originally got me interested in the show.

Also it seems wrong not to mention the Metropolitan Diary saga, although I'm not sure which of the shows that were related to it I would pick.

Also I got the 'Dead Air' DVD in the mail yesterday (December 31 2007).

Listener zero said...

1. Slang Contest
2. Radio Trick or Treat
3. Animal Crackers, Heroes and Haftorahs

Austin said...

1. Who's the Best Mommy?
2. A New Record For Female Callers
3. Listener Satisfaction Survey