Screw Lined Paper! Write the Other Way!

December 26, 2007: Fan Appreciation Day (from November 1993)

With each episode from the 93-94 season unearthed, thanks to Listener Brian, we are fully realizing the Golden Age of 7SD. The shark was jumped over long before we thought; The first sound of barrel-bottom-scraping turned out to be the nth to the nth.

This installment literally has something for everybody; Woodstock anecdotes, literary crank calls, live demo recordings (not from this band but the original namesake,), shoutouts from A&R's and other radio stations, even a ten-year-old Hollanderian's first thoughts of America.

And to think, Ken and Andy could eighty-six their loyal listener/callers for brief periods (much the way Pacman chomps a power pellet and shoos away Blinky) by devoting a whole hour to them. Just take a moment and imagine an hour's worth of Hunter, of Sheldon, of Andy from Berlin, of the guy.... OF ME!!!!

(long pause)


Two more notes:

1. Dave from Fort Lee, even Jehovah from Fort Lee- If you see this, please check in and give us your update.

2. Folks, it could've been this show.