WATN: Arrington De Dionyso

Have you ever been up late at night wondering whatever happened to your favorite former Seven Second Delay guests? Well, worry no more, because the diligent bloggers here at SSD offer you the first in a series of Where Are They Now retrospectives.

You may remember the man in the video above as Arrington De Dionyso. We recall him as the Arrington De Dionyso who didn't key Andy Breckman's car. (The other ADD is still on the loose, terrorizing the automobile owners of suburban New Jersey.) Arrington joined Ken & Andy way back on 9/23/09, when the show's other guests were Nora Ephron (really) and Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Men. He blew the roof off the UCB Theater with his rendition of "The Unhappy Camper."

Since 2009, Arrington has had a few one off performances with his mostly dormant band, Old Time Relijun. But most of his attention has been concentrated on his new band: Arrington De Dionyso's Malaikat Dan Singa.

As Arrington told Ken & Andy back in 2009, this new project involves the poetry of William Blake translated into Bahasa Indonesia, then throat-sung over Arrington's own twisted brew of angular post-punk.

Not surprisingly, it seems to be well received in Indonesia:

His musical travels have taken him deep into the forests of California:

And also Sweden:

That Swedish performance was so inspiring, it drove him into Dub Narcotic studios back in Olympia where he recorded his latest opus: Songs of Psychic Fire, Vol. 3.

Our favorite Northwestern throatsinger has also taken to comedy!

Arrington De Dionyso (and occasionally his Malaikat Dan Singa) tour frequently. You should keep an eye on the K Records website to see if he's coming to a town near you. Or maybe you should follow Arrington on Tumblr, where he posts samples of his visual art (NSFW!). He also makes frequent appearances on the Ten Minute Show on KAOS in Olympia.