Dead Air: The Seven Second Delay Murder Mystery

Once upon a time, Andy Breckman scribbled some notes down on a piece of paper, Tom Scharpling picked up a camcorder and the WFMU staff met at the station on a weekend to make a little murder mystery called "Dead Air." Here it is, in three parts:

Dead Air is A Tough Titties Production, Starring Ken Freedman and Andy Breckman and introducing Big Carlo as "The Boy". Written by Andy Breckman and Tom Scharpling. Directed by Tom Scharpling. Director of Photography - Michael Bellino. Special effects and makeup - Hank Lewis. Assistant to Mr Scharpling - Josh Breckman.

Cast: Andy Breckman, Ken Freedman, Carlo Giardina, Chris Beyer - detective, Gaylord Fields - cokehead, Justina - receptionist, Terre T. - on-air DJ, Josh Breckman - kid on toilet, Nachum Segal - as himself, the victims: Bill Kelly, Glen Jones, Stork. the suspects: X-Ray Burns, Irwin Chusid. Bronwyn C., Chris T., Brian Turner. Filmed at Pinewood Studios, London and at various locations throughout Great Britain.