I'm Gonna Kill My Dying Ants

October 1, 2008: Andy Tries to Decipher the Younger Generation

What starts as a Ken vs Andy show (which Andy crushes), devolves into a man's beseeching for a little Cole Porter. Andy's will to live could not even make it out of the gate thanks to a band to audience member 1:1 ratio. Ken was warned.

Here are the bands that participated with review blurbs by Andy:
Man Vs Wild - "You know its good if the CD's in his office!"
Lovely Little Girls - "It's like that Dustin Hoffman movie!"
Bitter Spirits - "You're gonna be glad The Rebel's coming around!"
Jeff Mitchell - "The Central Timezone is one hour one minute behind us!"
East of the Wall - "Best song we've had all night!"
What did we learn? If Andy touches your leg, don't react or say anything, ever.

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NEXT WEEK - SPEED DATING FOR MEN IN THEIR 40's. I am sure 7sd purists are wondering what happened to Paul from May 5, 2004: Andy's New Friend.

SPOILER ALERT - Monk gets shot, and the bandage will be shown.