Fund, Fund, Fund til Big Daddy takes the T-Bill's away...

September 24, 2008: Seven Second Delay Investment Club

I had to listen to this past podcast 27 times! And, no, my name was not mentioned!

I still confuses me, this whole whole financial whutdaflux!!!! My friend Troy from Brooklyn, a gifted cartoonist with a great mind when it comes to economics recently put out a primer breaking down how SOL we are financially here. It's as reader-friendly as possible without using Goofus and Gallant.

So, The First Annual Seven Second Delay Presidential Race has been declared. And the campaigns are under way. Look forward to a lot of handshaking and baby/lonely-hippie kissing at the upcoming record fair, as well as novice radio producers coming halfway out of the closet.

So consider this past installment as a slap-dash debate over each candidate's views on economics and the best solution to our current crisis.

So, come November 5th, It all comes down to your groundsmooching right to vote! WILL IT BEEEEEEEEE:


BTW, the quest for funds doesn't stop at the MuddUp mark! Got $5 (or more) to throw against a power windmill whatchamugenerator or under a Certa? Give what you can to:

Ken / Andy Fund
43 Montgomery Street

Jersey City, NJ 07302

Congratulations to all holders of the A.S.S. (where it all began); It's back on the table.

Thanks to guest Marc Sussman of Air America. He was the one during the show who knew what he was talking about. You can learn more about his radio show here.


WHO: Listeners Who Are Cool
WHERE: WFMU Studios in Jersey City, NJ
WHEN: Wednesday, October 1st, 2008 5:45-7pm
RSVP: To reserve your seat, e-mail Ange.

A final note on the upcoming 7SD election, write-in votes are welcome: