Studio Audience

July 2, 2008: Dissing the Summer Schedule

Today's show, recorded in front of a live studio audience, was an All Star Reunion Show with special appearances by ever-popular Andrea, once-shackled Julie, re-instated Irwin, marathon-champ Tom Sharpling, badly-connected Beth and more.

During foreplay, Ken, Andy and Andrea met the studio audience.
Andy was being very nice. So nice, he reminded Ken , the audience and himself several times. Andy was being very nice.

Then, the show's concept came into play. Andy called up WFMU DJ's to prod them into complaining about the schedule and, by proxy, Ken's recent return as Program Director.

I predict that in the vein of the shows that came to be known as "Andy Makes An Old Lady Cry", "Andy Kicks A Kid Out of the Band", and "Andy Doesn't Recognize His Wife," this show will become the infamous "Andy Gets Hung Up On By A WFMU DJ."

As Andy recovers from hurting Bob Brainen's feelings, Ken steps valiantly up to the plate and churns out the zingers.

Remember to email Ange if you want to be a part of the studio audience. If someone else invites you, the current going rate is $20 and two cocktails.