Our Critical Mass of Comedy! (That's MASS with an A...)

July 9, 2008: Topic by Jury

7SD before a live audience, the second attempt!

And it got better, no hostile air from any isolated incidents with WFMU DJ's, the scattered chuckles hit a better frequency, and Andy's will to live stayed progressive. (Listen to this and compare Andy's energy level with a 7SD from 1993-4; Check the archives from this past year.)

The one factor I took note from this new experiment: longer foreplay from meeting the audience. At first my itunes-fed response was "GET ON WITH IT!" (Not the first time...), but it's actually works in our favor:

A. Less time for the topic to hit a wall, create a lull, or affect Andy's will. (Remember, Andy needs the pressure.)

B. Studio audience were much more interesting than rest of show: included were Rachel (returnee who recalled paying Andy for facetime), Max (he stole the show at the 7SD House Party), Greg, Erin and Chris (from a band Andy claims to enjoy live, their website), longtime listener Joe (whose Youtube channel earned my highest regard), Listeners Josh and Emma (ask Laurie from Miami about them) and librarian Jacqueline (reminder: you don't need an internet reference to join the audience.)

Twenty-eight minutes into the game, time for a topic; A caller suggested it, calling strangers on payphones, the "jury" (those I mentioned above) gave it the go-ahead, and the race was on.

From there.... uhhh, lotta ringing, lotta busy signals, some who picked up the receiver fell victim to the dump button. But it didn't matter; zingers were flung, the audience laughed, everyone was happy. Now THIS should be called the Happiness Hut!

HEY, LONG STORY! I called in to throw in an idea, but Miami Laurie beat me to it with that one-two punch (she gives good radio.) Yet I stuck around on the line (why I don't know) and continued listening. Turned out it was worth it because I caught the first payphone guy's profanity sans Ken's dump (the initials were D-S, a word I haven't heard in a while). Then it wasn't worth it because Ken put me on the air with a few of my awkward mutterings.

Hey, and hat's off to Ange, huh? She really manned up to Andy with the "stipend" negotiation. The world of radio is really toughening up this innocent young lady. Quick with the zingers she was as well, if I do say so. Watch out Mr. Metro-Diary Pollack; it could be the start of "What Makes Ange Run!"

And for those of you who can make it to Jersey City next Wednesday 6-7pm, it looks like an early round of "Soak Andy." Remember, every warm body who sits in on the next 7SD installment means $4.23 outta Breckman's pocket towards the Ange/Call-Screener-Jeff Survival Fund. So call your cousins, tell them you're busy that day, and come on down to WFMU HQ. It'll be the largest studio audience for 7SD/most blatant disregard for the building's fire codes (Oh, wait! Is Glen Jones still on the air?)/ most-visually-appetizing blood-letting of Mr. Handsome Living!!!!!

See details on Ange's post above.

Oh, and in case you missed it: