In Da House Party

June 11, 2008: The Seven Second Delay Office Party

Every now and then, a show comes along that deserves some back story. The office party from last week is one of those shows. I mean, come on, just look at these cup cakes! So, like a good, devoted blogger, I carried around a microphone before the show and chatted up our lovely guests, hecklers and hosts alike.

John (our host, an artist, and a former Office 54 employee) let me follow him while he made important preparations for the party:

It was clear from the start of the night that the heckler, Josh, his heckler girlfriend, and his heckler bandmate from Man vs. Wild (anyone have the MySpace link?) were trouble:

And, here it is...
My exclusive interview with Andy Breckman right after the show ended:

After the show, I ate one of Ken's scotcharoos with our host John, Max (of "Born to Run" party cover stardom) and others. Andy caught us in the act:

Whatever you do, don't look at the couch.