Don't Say "Laugh"!!!! Just Laugh!!!!

June 25, 2008: Double Puppet Master

"You are listening to Seven Stepford Delay with Kel and Angy!!!"
"Whoa, but wasn't Ange the one who pla-"
"Doesn't matter..."

First off, our apologies to the following listeners who were edged out in the ticket giveaway for the Sonic Youth/SuperFeelie Freak show: Otto, Anna, Bab, Davad, Rosannasor, Steponnopets, Amanaplanacanalpanama, and Long Time Listener Renet Sile Mitgnol. (Sorry guys, but eight and nine aren't ten.)

Well, turns out that Andy does indeed feed off his crowd really well as we learned on this fateful day; Actually, he feeds off them better if they wear electronic collars. And you and your date can find this out for yourselves next Wednesday 6:00pm at WFMU studios as part of 7SD's FIRST LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE... Yeah, your date. No seriously, your date. Hey, listen to the tone of my voice, YOUR DATE OR DON"T BOTHER!!!! (Tell you what, go to, EHarmony, JDate.... You strike gold, reserve with plus one and hope to be in with the privileged twentysome at this email address which is actually shorter than this phrase so why did I bother hyperlinking.) We'll accept platonic friends as well.

And to submit location ideas for the next batch o' monthly 7SD "We've got nothing" meet-ups, contact Ken at ken at wfmu dot org. For entries to the Andy-Booed-Off Betting Pool, place your chips here on our comment board. Winning prize TBD or nonexistent.

Now, I'm looking out my window and sigh-whoops, excuse me, (sigh!) I'm still here in Bristow VA, which makes it impossible for me to make the July 4th gig, so screw the "Guess my Location" portion of the show.

Finally, I'd like to make a strong appreciative appeal to Neil Simon, Sally Struthers and Rita Moreno, whose collaborative work was struck in my memory as of late.

Kelly and Ange (Did you say "prick"), you kicked radio ass! Those who disagree, you're a retard and a whore!

Oh, and... Long Live Wonderful Wino Radio.