Why does Iron Man hate the hippies?

May 7, 2008: Listener Chat Room 2008

Ken and Andy gave the reins over to a happy melody and the listeners.

Someone is going to Israel where there are Jews. Some guy left a phone number for a friend to call him. Some girl hates on emo kids. Caucasians called in. Some people thought clever was having a computer voice read stuff. That was clever last week.

I may be in the minority, but I have been really enjoying the last rash of shows. For all the smack talk the show has been getting lately, when given the chance to take the show over this week, the listeners did not fare so well.

While watching The Black Dahlia, my ladyfriend noted that an off camera voice sounded like Andy (So...? I make ladyfriends listen to 7sd). You can hear him in this trailer at 00:16, right before the Josh Hartnett voice over kicks in. Turns out the voice belongs to way more famous director Brian De Palma (Google hits: 2 million to Andy's 50k).