Super Sonic Rascals

April 30, 2008: Text To Speech

I've gotta ask: has there ever been a worse run of shows in Seven Second Delay history? We're living through Andy and Ken's NYC Ghosts & Flowers here. I'm very interested in what's suddenly reinvigorated Andy with the will to sabotage the program every week. I'm curious why he apparently won't think about a show idea for more than ten seconds beforehand, won't commit to a concept and will switch topics before they've even begun. Might be time to get that therapist on the phone again, or do that call screener reunion or grab hold of any idea that's been waiting in the wings for far too long, because right now we need a good show badly.

Take that as an invitation, commentators and culturists, to flood this space with your show ideas. Or anything. Incidentally there are some good ideas in the massive playlist comment thread (has a new record been set? Intriguing!) Highlights include:

Who gets more listeners to commit crimes in one hour?

Playback an old show and do an audio commentary over it. Invite listeners who called in to the old show to call in and comment.

Call a company and see who can get forwarded to the most people.

Line up 10 call screens and have them screen calls for 5 minutes each. At the end of the show Ken and Andy rate the screeners.

Read the callers 3 different horoscopes without revealing the dates. The listener has to figure out which horoscope is for them.