All Things Awesome, Or As Andy Puts It, "This Was Painless!!!"

PRI's The Sound of Young America
This week's guest: Ken Freedman and Andy Breckman
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Well, they've finally met, podcasto a podcasto.

The young man to the left is Jesse Thorn, "America's Radio Sweetheart" and the host of the long-running, widely popular radio show The Sound of Young America, the "Studs Terkel" of the next generation, interviewing the best and up-and coming in comedy, music , literature to the young mass consumer. Also a recent recipient of one of The First Annual Best Show Awards.

And the guys to the right, of course; Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers.

This blog goes out to the new regime of 7SD listeners, those migrating east from TSOYA.

Well, you've heard how those two work off each other. A wise man once said, "You can't fake that kind of chemistry..."

You've heard them talk about the kind of "high-concepts" concocted on the show. Some of you are thinking "Hmmm, pretty clever and witty." Some of us loyal longtime listeners heard them and thought, "Ohhhhh, now I get it!!!!"

Yet, not enough of the same cheeky, wry sardonic wit of, say, a George Saunders or a Eugene Mirman to trust your faith one hour per week. Well that's where we come in.

As a public service, we offer you a list of Seven Second Delay broadcasts mentioned during the interview:

Andy invites you to the bathroom

Andy makes a child cry

Tug-o-war at McDonald's

April Fool's accidental death stories/Harassing tollbooth operators

Shock Ken or Andy

The feud with Don Mclean

The start of the Metropolitan Diary controversy + The attempt to fix it.

There you have it, fellow forerunners of "The New Sincerity." Come back anytime. We'll leave the lights on for you.