Trick or Tchotchke

October 31, 2007: Radio Trick or Treat

In a rare moment in 7sd history, Ken followed through on one of Andy's whims. During the Halloween show, Ken and Andy asked listeners to email photos of their children in their Halloween costume to then have the kids call in to say "Trick or Treat" plus maybe a darnedest thing or two.

The photos flooded his email. The calls trickled in. The kids and the darnedest things did neither. FATAL FLAW - 7sd airs during the prime tricking and treating time.

As the train started wobbling a bit on the track, I emailed a few photos and sent a few text messages. This is how it went down. A few days later, my ladyfriend was hesitant to open an envelope from a freeform radio station with mysterious hair package taped to it. Ironic, since she taped mysterious hair to her face only days before. Another friend was surprised by the package from the picture of her daughter I sent without their consent. I was spared their ire by using the Cops Pixelation Technique.

I would like to take the end of this post to thank Ken for the candy and stickers and to remind readers that the FCC has approved the word "Asshole" when speaking about Andy.