Losing My Religion

November 14, 2007: Slang Contest

No bar mitzvah. It's interesting, though, how the initial disappointment at plans falling through in predictable Seven Second Delay fashion gave way to something great.

Here's three reasons why this week's episode was especially notable:

1. One of the funniest Seven Second Delays of the last few years, if not ever.
2. Andy in new comedic territory: rape jokes and incest jokes. I think there was a child molestation joke in there, too. They're kind of quaint by this point. Next week, it's a rerun from 1994. Watch for the dramatically different comedic stylings of Andy Breckman. More energy? Definitely. Funnier? I don't think so.
3. Beth's call: one of the most uncomfortable Seven Second Delay moments ever, and that's saying something. Did she really say "you're not the man I married?" Wow. Also: Andy wrote poetry? Wow.