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Well, a defunct and culturally challenged indian (as proven by this 7SD nearmiss.) Well, longtime reader, firsttime blogger. I can't believe I got through to these guys to take me in. So the last episode has already been blogged in with illustration intact; Hillary, love your blog and the work you've shown. And the guys could use the time off this coming Wednesday from 6 to 7. It's getting more difficult to gauge what's a trainwreck and what isn't...

Otay, well here's a few video chestnuts I cyber-discovered about a year ago. As a matter of fact, I'm surprised no one has called attention to it yet on the bloggity-blog.

They're from a short-lived, Emmy-award-winning Saturday morning variety show from 1979-80 called Hot Hero Sandwich, considered a Saturday Night Live for kids. Members of the cast included Denny Dillon (who went on a year later to the actual SNL on it's first abysmal season,) Matt McCoy from one or two Police Academy sequels, and a then-young new portrait of "America's Sweetheart" named Vicky Dawson (who went on to other movies that I don't recognize on her IMDB page.)

The program had comedy sketches, musical guests (like KISS), filmed interviews with the IT celebrities of that time (like Erik Estrada and Pam Dawber), and a resident Hot Hero house band who would often play backup to a young bearded man with a full head of hair who once hoped to be the "next Bob Dylan":

This next clip was once part of a video compilation offered to WFMU listeners for a reasonable pledge:

These videos were found in Youtube, uploaded by one person who goes under the username "jbreckman"; Yikes, I think someone's computer mouse is about to get duct-taped away from him soon.

Note: Videos have been deleted. But doomed to be repeated.