October 24, 2007: Today's Re-Run (from January 1994)

Here's a flashback to the days before Seven Second Delay was, well, good. I'd say it was about another year until Seven Second Delay moved beyond being a not-untypical talk show, and became the driven, high-concept show that found its way into our hearts. More recently, I think, the show revealed itself to be ultimately about what it's secretly been about all along: Andy Breckman.

Personally, I'm not sure I'd take the 1994 Andy over the Andy of today or the Andy of eight years ago. I'd have to go to with the darker, self-reflexive model instead of the comparatively-buoyant-but-not-as-cutting version.

(Not that it was a bad show, exactly, although the fidelity was completely insane. I'm trying not to complain on this blog all the time.)