Getting Jeremiah Drunk

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September 10, 1995: Getting Jeremiah Drunk

If we wanted to make him to puke, all we'd ask him to do is read one of my scripts.

Foreplay Topics
Andy lets the listeners decide the shows topic: Beijing Women's Conference or Get a Guy Drunk

Fatal Flaw
Ken has an itchy trigger finger on the delay button while a drunk Jeremiah recites the Woodchuck tongue twister, but he misses the S-bomb in the last minute.

7sd as Nostradamus
When a caller recounts a DUI experience that involves Don McLean's American Pie, Andy reveals his anti-McLean leanings. "Monk" is mentioned (about 100 times) in regards to a drink and a Chekov short story.

As a public service for the Back-to-School episode, Jeremiah, Andy's personal assistant, is sent to a bar to inform our younger listeners the dangers of alcohol (at least, that's the story given when Andy's mom calls in). Ken and Andy stay on the phone with him throughout the show to monitor his descent as 7sd callers suggest drinks. Before and after the archived show, Ken informs the listener of Jeremiah's fate, condemning Andy. Though, the record should show Ken should bear the brunt of the blame. Andrea, beware! This is the same gig that Ken keeps trying to hook you up with. Listen and learn: Stay in School.

The Drinks
2 double shots of vodka
1 Screaming Nazi
1 Cosmopolitan
3 Russian Monks
1 Goddess
1 Vodka Martini (shaken, not stirred)

Where are they now?
Matt (Jeremiah and Andy's Cohort)
The Female Caller Who Suggested "The Goddess"
I don't actually have a link. I just wanted to ask if anyone knows where she is.