Quiz Kids

As Ken mentioned at the end of the My Favorite Letter Show, this week's show will feature a grand Seven Second Delay Trivia Game. I'll be in studio to serve as your Quiz Master, and we'll be looking to determine the biggest SSD fan of all time. You're all encouraged to call in and compete, but I'll also need the blog's help preparing questions. Listeners will get on-air credit for their help, and will still be encouraged to compete (I just won't ask you your own questions).

As an example, Ken suggested questions about things like the name of Andy's first wife. (Easy, right?) I think lots of personal history questions like this would be great. I'd also like to see some episode-specific questions, call screener questions, and theme music questions. Email me as many questions as you can prepare, and I'll bring them all to the show on Wednesday. Special thanks to listener Joe and blogger Austin for already helping out.

On a personal note, I am excited about returning to the WFMU studios after my little visit for the Wheel of Fate Marathon Show. During that visit, it was so strange watching the voices of Ken and Andy coming out the faces of Ken and Andy. Can you imagine? The guys were just how you'd picture them-- Ken was extraordinarily kind to everyone around him, and Andy carried a little plastic bag with a copy of the New York Post and a box of animal crackers hanging out. Call Screener Jeff was great as well, and he took a couple pictures of me grimacing with excitement. I'm excited to go back and represent the blog this week with our awesome trivia questions.