Venture Capital (from June 7, 2000)

Oh! Then, I'm the Idiot? So, we're not laughing with me, we're laughing at me.

Will to Live-o-meter
It's a bad start out of the gate, but there is a miraculous recovery. Then after he mistakes Pete Best for Pete Rose, Idiot Andy is replaced by Savvy Randy.

Fatal Flaw
Andy is afraid to reveal the idea on air because another Venture Capitalist is likely lurking near a radio to turn the ideas into gold.

Other Show Concepts Discussed
The first Seven Second Delay ever: Pitching Movie Ideas to Executives and Agents.

Callers come up with dotcom ideas to pitch to Andy's own personal Venture Capitalist, Sonny Monosson. As Andy reminds each caller, Sonny passed on a little startup company in 1986 called AOL. Here are the ideas that you know who creamed his pants over:
  • (Andy's Idea) - A site for guys with caps that are happy and rock.
  • (Ken's Idea)
  • - Rent out a geek to run your website.
  • - Actually exists. Caller Zack should use the archive to get his cut of the action. Middle aged men should order one today!
  • - A site for families and friends to follow newborns
  • - Online Voodoo Doll. Because Everyone hates someone.
Sonny is no longer with us. Please bow your head in a moment of silence before proceeding on to the comments section.