The Last Post of the Rest of Your Life

We don't need to write anything ever again.

May 2, 2007: The No-Lulls Fight Show

I was in a fight one time. And I was... a girl.

Don't know if I'm supposed to say anything or not...

I really got into a huge fight with someone. Because it was a snowy night on a golf course and I, uh, I had a lot of clothes on, obviously, and someone pushed my friend down the hill -- it was a boy -- and I was forced to get into a huge fistfight with a, a guy. And I was about 18. And I just wailed, it was amazing, just punch punch punch. And, uh, then, I took off my cap, or somebody took off my cap, and turned out it was a girl, and he was very embarrassed. But the truth is I just wanted to keep slugging him because...

It was awful. And that's my whole story, you know, girls get into fights too... And uh, I have to leave now. Goodbye.