It's Something Called "Good Radio"

April 18, 2007: Hands In Marriage
April 25, 2007: Getting Nick the Bard Out of the House

Okay, so let's catch up. "Hands In Marriage" was, I thought, a very funny show, so it's too bad that last week probably ended the little streak Seven Second Delay was on. It might have been an okay show for Nick, though. You don't get into the pages of "Retard Riot" every day.

Still, though, when was the last bad show? The first Metropolitan Diary episode? That's like eleven good shows in a row. Look at it that way. Please look at it that way. Eleven shows! By Seven Second Delay standards, that's stunning.

Although, it was pretty shocking that Ken couldn't remember that he reran "How's My Driving". It's also pretty shocking how this blog just shut down. That's something called "bad blogging." I'm sorry.

And I'm sorry for deriding Retard Riot.