Poetry Slam from September 1999

Crank Caller: You guys whine like two bitches and you have no lives. Thank you. -hangs up-
Andy: OK! All Right! Is that good? Two bitches? Have no lives?
Ken: Yeah. -later- You don't need to be that friendly to every caller.

Foreplay Topics
Ken is not-so-secretly upset that Hurricane Floyd missed Disneyworld because, as Andy points out, it brings joy to so many children.

Other Show Concepts Discussed
Andy wants to have WNEW send their irate callers to 7SD.

Fatal Flaw
Pretty early on, Ken resorts to using High School Lit tactics by rephrasing the caller/poet's words for an easy score.

7sd as Nostradamus
Andy attempts to get "Go to Hell" to be a new catchphrase. Ken is averse to posting their pictures on their new website saying, "DJ's should be heard, and not seen." And, a harbinger of all things Congoo and Throwing Toasters, the lead singer of Enkephalin plugs his band with the first poem, Uneven.

A Ken vs. Andy Show in which caller's read their poems. Ken and Andy each give their interpretation. The closest interpretation to the author's interpretation gets the point. Who wins? You do. I have opted not to transcribe the poetry (for chicks and losers) and save your eyes from the searing torture.

Off the record, here is an Andy zinger that would never pass today's FCC mustard.