Earth Day Show from April 1998

Caller Terri: I just wanted to compliment you on how wonderful the show is.
Andy: Do we take these calls?
Ken: We've never got one before.

Foreplay Topics
The theme song reminds Andy his license to kill is about to expire.

7sd as Nostradamus
Andy's wins father points by crowning his son's reggae band, Flipper 98, the winner.

Will to Live-o-meter
Want Andy to will himself alive for a full hour? Have a female guest that laughs at every joke, quip, and recycled zinger.

Julie Gold, Grammy award winner/Andy's old camp buddy, joins our beloved duo to help write a hit song. Record your own version (with or without lisp) and wait for the royalties to roll in.

Earth Day is the worst day
ever since you said goodbye.
Who cares about the earth or sea?
Who cares about the sky?

Spotted Owls, let 'em croak.
Redwood Forest, up in smoke.
I just don't give a damn (x3)
No more.

Earth Day is the worst day
ever since you broke my heart.
Take me to the rain forest.
Let the chainsaws start.

Repeat Chorus