The Time Machine

Ever feel like taking a trip back to November 22, 1991? I sure hope so.

Recently (this is a lie) an old Aerial View was made available, notable here for the presence of one Andy Breckman, just one month into Seven Second Delay at the time, as the co-host. The show is about the Kennedy Assassination, and is tremendously dated ("Andy, what are you calling your show nowadays?") but the entertainment value is timeless, right? Maybe. Who knows.

It's pretty shameful passing this off as new information over a year after the fact, I'll admit it. If I was really on top of this blog thing I'd have noticed it day one and would have started a blog about Seven Second Delay so I could post about it.

I failed. I'll own it.

Also of interest, a show Chris hosted with Ken in 1993 -- and that's only been available for, well, over four years. Eventually all the currently accessible information about 7SD will be republished right here. You heard that here first, at least.