February 7, 2007: Animal Crackers, Heroes and Haftorahs

Some important questions came up in the last Seven Second Delay regarding the listenership. It seems like there's some pretty valuable information about who listens to the show that's just not accessible. The show was over before that information could be collected, but isn't that what this blog is for? I'm not sure, actually. It might as well be this.

Everyone has to check in. Every listener. This is the big Seven Second Delay census push: this is the only time this will happen until I can't come up with another blog post idea and do this again.

1. If you are Jewish, are you prepared to recite part or all of your haftorah at a moment's notice?

2. If you are a woman, have you ever had a dream about being unable to find a bathroom?

Jewish women should answer both questions.

3. If you are male and not Jewish... I don't have a question for you. It didn't come up in the show. I still need you to check in though. Maybe you could tell us if you've ever had a dream in which you couldn't find a bathroom or whether you're prepared to recite your haftorah.