Overheard Everywhere

If you don't know what's new with Seven Second Delay and this blog, I recommend you read Ken's WFMU Blog post, or the Gawker article, or the Fishbowl New York article.

Or you should look at Listener Robin's screenshot and compare it to the current page of the Metropolitan Diary.

Or, you could always check my e-mail or listen to my voice mails.

Subject: fabrication
From: "Mike Pollak" [pollakm@nytimes.com]
Date: Tue, February 13, 2007 4:37 pm

Dear Ms. Silenzi:

This is Michael Pollak, the editor at The New York Times who you lied to several weeks ago.

We are publishing a correction of your Metropolitan Diary item of Feb. 12, noting that it was a deliberate hoax, and that when you were called by The Times, you falsely stated that you wrote the item, that it was truthful in all respects, that the events described actually happened and that you could vouch for the next-door neighbor whose son was mentioned in the letter. We plan to print your name and that of the Wesleyan radio station.

Michael Pollak
Staff editor

Please note that he has confused WFMU in Jersey City, NJ with my radio station, WESU in Middletown, CT.

And, of course, you can listen to tonight's live show from 6-7PM EST on WFMU. I think Ken and Andy might have a good show topic in mind.