"Some Kind of Great Blow for Coolness"

February 14, 2007: Making It Right

I hope you were able to catch the show last night. It was stellar.

Andy: It's true, I guess, that there are many elderly people who depend on the Metropolitan Diary, but what you should have explained to him is that are many more really, really pathetic listeners who depend on our show, equally as much.

If you've been following this story on the blogs, you're not alone. You can read about it on The National Review or on Small Dead Animals. You can also read a ton about us on Gawker, a Manhattan media and gossip blog. They wrote about my phone call with the editor, and then they leaked a rumor that our prank may have killed the Metropolitan Diary.

That's right. No more precocious New York kids. No more amusing misspellings. Only the bad news will be left.

Now, sure, the Metropolitan Diary has had some problems with this in the past, they have a tendency to repeat themselves and they're no Overheard in New York, but no one ever wanted them to disappear. To be honest, my grandmother would never forgive me. Also, many of you have admitted really enjoying the column, even if just to poke fun at it.

According to Ken's last comment on this blog, the next episode of Seven Second Delay might need to be devoted to saving the Metropolitan Diary. I'll sure be listening.