Previously On

For those of you who are new to the program:

In 1994, Andy "Don't Get Killed" Breckman wrote an article about his experience opening for singer-songwriter/folk legend Don "American Pie" McLean on the folk circuit. Ten years later, McLean responded with a torrent of folk-ish invective. Andy and Ken "Thunderdome" Freedman discussed this on the show. When the Don McLean message board wiped a thread pertaining to the feud, Ken proclaimed that the grudge had been won in Andy's favor, but an offer of $200 to whoever could motivate McLean to say Andy Breckman's name remained unresolved. Three years later, the discussion resurfaced in the context of the upcoming WFMU book, which will reprint both articles.

Meanwhile, Andy's long-time infatuation with/addiction to giggling girls finally paid off in the form of a soundboard constructed by Ken. The soundboard contained the laughs of listener Amy (who is a nurse) and Andy's wife of three years, Beth. Both were recorded laughing at jokes Andy was testing in preparation for the eventual realization of his stand-up comedy/ventriloquism act dreams.

Jeff, the call screener, is currently engaged (or not.) Andy promoted his son Josh's new band. Andy called out Ken's on-air reticence: "I'm opening a vein. You're not even blowing your nose." A fight over a Metropolitan Diary-themed show left the competing concepts in ruins until "blog girl" Andrea submitted an entry reconstructed by listener Robin. More recently, Andy and Ken did a show titled "Prison Strategies, Nuclear Free Zones and Giggly Girls", then I wrote this and you commented on it.

I might be wrong about that last one.